Tam Su: 220% increase in conversions by studying users micromoments


The Growth Hacking Podcast – Tam Su



  • Tam Su is Senior Director of Product at Crimson Hexagon, where he focuses on product innovation and customer experience. Tam has 17 years of experience as a product innovator having spent time at Fortune 500 and a variety of early stage companies leading both UX and product management practices.

Biggest Piece of Advice for Growing your Company

  • Make the product folks the owners of growth!

Favorite Tools for Growth

  • Google Analytics
  • Usability Hub
  • My whiteboard
  • Crimson Hexagon (we use it in the office too!)
  • Moz

Who are your mentors? The people you learn from?

  • Professor BJ Fogg >>

Which Book would you recommend the Growth Hacking Nation?

What is your favorite social media channel and Why?

What is your opinion of Growth Hacking?

  • Growth Hacking as a concept is now more important than ever!

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