Dan Faggella: How to Create a Multimillion Business in 3 Years


Dan Faggella – The Growth Hacking Podcast


  • TechEmergence founder & CEO Dan Faggella is an entrepreneur and speaker focused on business and research trends and analysis at the intersection of technology and intelligence (particularly, artificial intelligence and neurotech). He founded and presently runs Science of Skill, LLC, a seven-figure digital publishing company.

Biggest Piece of Advice for Growing your Company

  • Dedicate at least 70 to 80 hours a week to your business
  • Get good at all the things you are not as good as now.

Favorite Tools for Growth

  • For marketing automation:
    • InfusionSoft
    • Active Campaign
  • For team communication:
    • Asana

Which Book would you recommend the Growth Hacking Nation?

What is your favorite social media channel and Why?

What is your opinion of Growth Hacking?

  • If you read the whole definition of Growth Hacking, by Sean Ellis, you will understand there’s a difference between growth hacking and traditional marketing.

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