Growth Hacking for Startups – Presentation


Growth Hacking for Startups


Growth Hacking Presentation – 1-hour Workshop on Growth Hacking


  2. 2. $1 billion
  3. 3. $3.4 billion
  4. 4. $4 billion
  5. 5. $6 billion
  6. 6. $10 billion
  7. 7. $11 billion
  8. 8. $26 billion
  9. 9. $32 billion
  10. 10. $40 billion
  11. 11. $230 billion
  12. 12. $365 billion
  13. 13. Growth Hacking is the science of achieving incredible growth with non traditional strategies.
  14. 14. Growth Hacking Combines:
  15. 15. Growth Hacking Combines: Technology Marketing and Sales Design User Experience
  16. 16. To grow a product, service or platform.
  17. 17. The Growth Hacking Funnel
  18. 18. Not so complicated
  19. 19. THE GROWTH HACKING FUNNEL Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue Referral Metrics
  20. 20. THE GH FUNNEL: METRICS Metrics: Key Definitions
  21. 21. THE GH FUNNEL: METRICS • A KPI is a number that acts as an indicator on how your company is doing. • Ensure you go for something very specific and measurable and use this to grow the business. • Simply looking at your KPI you can know how your company is performing. • Always build your monthly KPI reports and focus in one KPI at a time KPI: Key Performance Indicator
  22. 22. THE GH FUNNEL: METRICS CAC: Customer Acquisition Cost • It is the amount of money it costs you to acquire a new user or purchaser. • A user can be someone who is either using your product for free or paying for it. • It is calculated as the total spend for customer acquisition (ppc, content marketing, …) in a given month, divided by the total number of new customers acquired or activated that month.
  23. 23. THE GH FUNNEL: METRICS LTV: Life Time Value • It is the total monetary profit that an average customer brings to your business. • It is calculated as the total revenue a customer generates for your company (average revenue per customer from the time they signed up to the time they made their last purchase), less the customer acquisition cost.
  24. 24. THE GH FUNNEL: METRICS K : Viral Coefficient • It tells you how many people come to your product because of your existing users. • If 2 existing customers bring 1, then the K is 0.5. • A viral coefficient over 1 means you are growing virally.
  25. 25. THE GH FUNNEL: METRICS Churn Rate • It tells you how many visitors drop out of your funnel. • You always want to reduce this % and retain more of your customers. • Focus on reducing your churn rate to achieve fast growth.
  26. 26. Acquisition Techniques
  27. 27. Blogging/Guest Blogging Podcasting/Guest Podcasting E/books Webinars SEO Social Media Contests Deal Sites Virality Public speaking engagements Landing pages Embeds API integrations Influencers PAID acquisition PR Story telling Awesome service Web Scraping and Cold emailing Infographics Reposting Joint Ventures Complements Someone Else’s Product Videos (YouTube or similar) Online PPT Presentations Create Free Courses Onsite Surveys Notifications Comment Marketing THE GH FUNNEL: ACQUISITION TECHNIQUES Acquisition
  28. 28. Activation Techniques
  29. 29. User Experience (UX) Short Videos Upgrades Testimonials More Webinars Landing pages A/B testing Call to action (CTA) buttons Counters Live Chat Hello Bar Good copywriting Decrease Loading time Gamification Free trials Click Maps The Drawbridge Technique Email automation Retargeting Transparency Ratings Videos + Email Capture Case Studies Email – Why they signed up? Press Releases / Media Partners Vanity Links or Pretty Links Get advantage of your inbox Geolocation THE GH FUNNEL: ACTIVATION TECHNIQUES Activation
  30. 30. Retention Techniques
  31. 31. THE GH FUNNEL: RETENTION TECHNIQUES Attract the right audience Create entry and exit surveys Make your users engage Create exclusive products Do webinarsSend newsletters; they work Have amazing customer support Analyze why they quit Give them human actions Display a popup before they leave Give an Excellent Service Report on Positive Statistics Fantastic Copy Writing Browser Extensions Thank you them for their following Credit Card Expiration Notices SMS Marketing Retention
  32. 32. Revenue Techniques
  33. 33. THE GH FUNNEL: REVENUE TECHNIQUES Revenue Add a big discount with annual plan. Do A/B testing With your offers, use a countdowns Populate your site Simplify your pricing. Simplify your payment. Scarcity Downsell at Cancelation Identify “At Risk” customersExit Survey Upsell at check out Giving incomplete or poor services Incentivize automatic renewals Product LaunchesMental Triggers Reactivation
  34. 34. Referral Techniques
  35. 35. THE GH FUNNEL: REFERRAL TECHNIQUES Use “powered by” Have sharing buttons in your website Invite people to your platform Reward people when they share your product Setup an affiliates site Create API integrations Create embeds Highlight and twitt Share your posts automatically Populate your posts/news pipelineImport your contacts. Double Loop Referral Program Links in your signature Ask for shares in ALL emails Referral
  36. 36. Do You Wanna Learn More?
  37. 37. Do You Want To Learn More? Listen to Growth Hacking Podcast
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