What to expect when you hire Conversion Rate Experts

conversion rate expets

Hiring Conversion Rate Experts can be the best decision you ever make for your business. Why? Because if they are good, they will make you tons of money!

So, what should you expect when hiring one?

  • When you hire a professional CRE, he/she will follow this process
    • get feedback from founders and users
    • come up with ideas
    • prioritize
    • develop the experiment
    • leave time to run those experiments
    • accept or reject experiments
    • learn
    • come up with a new experiment from this last experiment
    • prioritize that one
    • start new experiments

The minimum contract time should be around 6 months. By then you should see results.

You need to be open minded to changes and please, don’t take anything personal! 

Also, please do not feel bad for not having thought, learned or created these experiments before. They may look pretty obvious, but you’ve been running a company and you’ve done great! How do I know? You wouldn’t be able to hire a CRE if not!

All the best!



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